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16 Fun Facts About Yoga That Will Convince You To Try It

More than 20 million Americans are officially obsessed with yoga. Okay, maybe not obsessed, but are undeniably into it. There was a point in time where people see yoga as a trend. Something that will pass like faded, tattered jeans and neon clothes and braided hair. But apparently, it’s not. This activity that is said to encourage peacefulness and balance seems like staying for a really long time. So what’s the big deal with yoga? Well, a lot. Apparently, it has lots of health and mind benefits that most people think. And science is still working its way to discovering more. You don’t really have to try yoga if you don’t want to. But you’ll be missing a lot of fun and healthy goodness! So the next time your friend invites you to attend a yoga class, consider saying yes. And you’ll be amazed at how it will improve your intimacy (and more)!

16Yoga is all about breaths, not marshmallow bodies

One of the reasons why people refuse yoga is that they think they’re not flexible enough. They think it’s only for the young ones who can easily bend their bodies or the adult ones who have flexible bones and muscles. Here’s the thing: most yoga practitioners started out with non-flexible bodies. Many had a hard time doing the poses. Your body will cope with this practice after a few sessions. What you have to keep in mind is that yoga is not all about body flexibility. It’s all about breathing. When you’re practicing your yoga poses (also called Asana), pay attention to your breathing. Think less about whether or not you’re doing the pose perfectly, because you’re not. You’re a starter. Notice the pattern your lungs make and feel the air flow in your body. This is one of the most effective ways to gain focus on yoga and not on the voice inside your head.

15It teaches us self-care, and it’s a good teacher

Yoga encourages us to be healthy, inside and out. It’s a practice that teaches us how important self-care is, and allotting even the mere 15 minutes per day just to ourselves, without gadgets and technology can go a long way. It is an effective way to destress and it helps us deal with the crazy emotions inside of us. As typical humans that we are, it can’t be avoided to have a riot in our brain sometimes. This includes both good and bad riot. So to help you manage all the pressure and chaos in the brain, try to do a few minutes of yoga practice. It will not only relax the mind and body, but it will also improve our posture. Technically, mood swings are the results of bad posture since bad posture causes muscle fatigue and back pain and irritation. These physical pains can immediately affect our mood. With yoga, you can get back on track in no time.

14It helps you flush out the bad stuff in your body

If you don’t believe that yoga helps us flush the toxins and other bad stuff in our body, give it a try. You won’t see the effects after one session so give yourself some time. believe it or not, your body will transform into a healthier, cleaner body. And because of the focus on breathing patterns, yoga encourages us to take in more oxygen, which will then improve blood circulation. This also helps in slowing down cell damage, which is inevitable. There are many yoga poses but one of the most effective in flushing out bad stuff is called Apanasana. Basically, it’s a pose that involves hugging your knees to your chest and then squeezing them into and then away from your torso. This pose helps improve in letting out some gas. It may not sound so inviting but letting out gas is healthy for you. Consider practicing at home first, though.

13Relaxation is the key

No matter how bad you want to try yoga, if you’re being super stubborn and can’t shut the voices in your head, nothing will happen. You are in control of your body and mind. While the mind does funny things sometimes, always remember that you’re the one in the driver’s seat. So when doing yoga sessions, try your best to practice relaxation of the mind and body. Focus on your breathing and think of nothing else. Through time, you will be able to maintain that relaxation even when you’re not doing yoga sessions. This activity helps you manage your emotions, so don’t ask why yoga practitioners tend to be relaxed and super calm day and night. It’s all about focus and keeping relaxation flow in your system. This is a tough thing to practice but really worth it. Plus, relaxation has domino effects to your muscles and other organs, especially the heart.

12You can do yoga with your dogs

Believe it or not, there are people who turned down yoga because they can’t bring their dogs with them. Well, thanks to an open-minded society, there are now yoga classes open to humans and dogs. If you’re doing yoga at home, certainly you can have your dog with you. If you’re attending classes, opt for those that allow dogs. Not only can you tone your body with your best bud, your dog also gets to learn yoga poses fit for him. Now you don’t have to use dogs and pets for not being able to do yoga. If you’re too anxious to start, consider video tutorials you can find online and practice with your pet at home. Or you can also call your gal pals and their pets for a fun group session in your back yard. Either way, your dog will definitely enjoy this activity. After all, pets have a thing for stretching too!

11Yoga helps you improve intimacy

Now for the part that many people doubt – intimacy. There have been many studies that say yoga improves your drive. Mula bandha or root lock is one of the many poses that helps improve your drive. Basically, it’s a pose where you have to lift the perineum which will help the circulation and improve awareness of that region. Once you’ve mastered this, keep it in mind when having a bedroom session. It is said to increase the feeling of the big finish. There are also other studies that suggest the mere bone and muscle strength developed through yoga is enough to improve the quality. So if you’re not into mula bandha, at least you have stronger bones and muscles. It will be easier for any yoga practitioner to explore other poses (in the bed) and keep those poses longer. If this is not enough, remember that many other yoga positions are linked to these acts, according to research.

10It turns flabby belly into firm abs

Lifting weights and working out on machines in the gym are not so bad. They require persistence and discipline – both are vital in life. But if you don’t want to lift weights or use machines for working out yet you still want to eliminate those belly fats, it’s best to consider yoga. If gym workout uses weights to tone your body, yoga uses only your body weight. Kind of like push ups and pull ups if you come to think of it, only more fun because of the poses. Also, gym workouts have a tendency to make you bulk up if you stop it. Yoga doesn’t do that. If you want to stop, you can take a sigh of relief because it won’t make you bulk up. When practicing yoga with the aim of eliminating fats, go for poses that require you to lift your body in the air. Hold that pose for as long as you can and you will definitely feel the burn.

9It can help with depression

It is said that the human body has eight chakras or energy centers. In these centers, cosmic energy is absorbed. With yoga, you can purify your chakras and keep the positive energy flowing in. Even short sessions can have a great positive impact on the improvement of energy flow in your body. Depression isn’t something we just snap out of when we want. There is no on and off switch either. But there are ways we can cope up with it, and yoga is one of it. Science says practicing yoga allows better flow of serotonin in the body. Some call this the feel-good brain chemical. With a good flow of serotonin, you can improve your mood and feel more positive than before you practiced yoga. Of course, we all have different ways of battling depression. And the method that works for me may not work for you. But there is no harm in considering yoga.

8Yoga is a fusion of many other fun activities

Turning your body into pretzels is only one part of yoga. If you think this is a boring activity that will just consume your time and energy and bug you with a focus on breathing blah blah, think again. Yoga is actually composed of many other activities that are fun and encouraging. This includes meditation, chanting, and pranayama or breathing techniques. All these happen and are meant to be practiced the same time you’re practicing yoga and all these encourage living a life of kindness, meaning and purpose. What else can you ask for? I mean, who does not want to have fun with chants? Or experiment and play with yoga poses? Sure, we need to focus here, but we cannot erase goofy moments either. At the end of the day, we cannot deny that yoga is a fun and very beneficial activity. So tell yourself again why you don’t want to try it…

7It can help you look young and feel young

Ah, aging. The aspect of life that is leaving more and more people baffled and worried and probably even anxious. There is no avoiding aging. Even when you use all the beauty products available in the market, you will still see wrinkles and your skin will still sag. But slowing down aging, now this is possible. And one of the best ways to achieve this is through yoga. Because yoga helps push out toxins in your body, and because it tones your muscles, you can expect aging to slow down, for real. Furthermore, this activity also helps improve blood circulation and the flow of positive energy in your body. So not only does yoga make us look young, it also makes us feel young. Add to that the fact that it encourages healthy diet and relaxation, plus the lovely breathing techniques you can practice any time of the day… you’ll be in overall tip-top shape!

6The mantras are quite insightful

Yoga is not complete without mantras. And take note, they are not the corny lines you chant altogether while to make the struggle of doing a pose much worse. Mantras are there to improve the effects and benefits of yoga, not just some add-on you can scratch out. And there are many kinds of mantras too. Each has a deep meaning that you will probably want to try yoga right after reading this. One of the most common is om. It is made up of three Sanskrit letters aa, au, and ma. It is believed to be the first sound heard at the creation of this universe. There’s also the Gayatri mantra, one of the oldest Sanskrit mantras. It is all about unity and it encourages light to flow into us. If you want to remove obstacles in life and wake up the god of wisdom, chanting a Ganesh mantra, om gam ganapataye namaha is a must.

5It encourages healthy diet

Diet is also part of yoga, but unlike other kinds of diet, practicing it while practicing yoga will make the transition less stressful. The thing about other typical diets is that you tend to focus on one thing only. You keep a close eye on your calories and the food you eat and the fats you burn. With yoga, it sort of happens consequently. You practice yoga, move to difficult poses as you move forward, and in time you will realize you’re eating healthy too without even telling yourself “okay, stay away from sweets. Today is healthy-eating day” or any similar lines. You don’t have to exert efforts convincing yourself to switch to a healthier diet. It just happens. How? Well, probably because yoga makes you love a healthier, more toned body. And it will just be contradicting it if you keep eating unhealthy meals. But really, bottom line is, yoga makes a healthy diet a lot easier.

4Improves your balance and posture in a classy way

Are you sick and tired of hearing people comment about your posture? Do you hate it when you see photos of you in a bad posture? This is normal, and this happens to many of us. Luckily, there is a fun activity that encourages better posture. It’s a gradual process but most yoga poses do not only tone your muscles or make your body more flexible, it also helps you achieve a better posture. And in no time, you will notice you have better sitting posture than before yoga. Now if you think this is just some convincing factor to encourage you guys and gals to try yoga, better think again. Science is also on this side and we all know science gets hives when lying. Balance is also something yoga improves. Sure, you have a good balance now. But once you get older, you will lose it. And this is when the things you learned in yoga enter the picture.

3Makes you a lot healthier

There’s no single activity that will transform us into healthier human beings. You need to find a set of activities that work for you. And you will need to balance these activities so you won’t overwork yourself and you won’t end up focusing on one activity only. Yoga helps us here. It starts with teaching us how to breathe in such a way that we inhale more oxygen in our body which improves blood circulation and then leads us to many other healthy options. It allows us to take our time to adjust but it also makes sure we will, someday, go for healthier food choices. Yoga makes it a point that we are emotionally and physically stable and it keeps our muscles firm. Plus, it ensures that we only allow positive energy into our bodies. What other kind of healthy would you want? Now, there’s no need to fret if you still don’t want to do yoga, there are other options.

2It improves your memory

To be more specific, 20 minutes of yoga everyday can drastically improve your memory, according to a study published in the Journal of Physical Activity and Health. Yes, it seems unreal and fake and bogus and however, you want to call it. But yoga definitely has so much more to offer. There are many vitamins you can take to improve memory, and you can also go herbal if you want. But if you combine those with yoga, chances are you will have a sharp memory, and you’ll be amazed. The mind does funny things, one of those things is forgetting easily. This doesn’t mean you have Alzheimer’s or something, it just means you need to pay closer attention to your body. Maybe your body isn’t getting enough nutrients. Maybe vitamins are not enough. Maybe you need yoga. Seriously, just think of it… there are so many chants to memorize and many Asanas to perform. You’ll definitely develop sharp memory here.

1Yoga is for everyone

This activity allows you to be kind to yourself. Yoga will take effect no matter how fat or skinny you are. It will take effect if you’re white or black or Asian or other. It will also take effect if you’re wearing skimpy leggings or jogging pants. We will always come up with a thousand reasons why we can’t do that one thing we’re interested in doing but at the same time, doubtful. We will never run out of convincing powers to tell ourselves just quit. But that’s the thing about yoga, it doesn’t put you in the position where you have to feel too exhausted that all you want to do is put the dumbbell down and leave. It allows gradual process, no matter how slow it is. And best of all, yoga teaches us so much more than we expected, even if we read tons of articles like this.

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